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At Refteck, we offer professional expertise to facilitate all the procurement needs of our client’s technical and management requirement through our customised solutions which are highly innovative, strategic and cost-efficient.
Our experienced professionals offer services with an exhaustive amalgamation of technology and a specialised team to deliver our clients an unparalleled procurement & supply chain experience. We ensure that our services enable our clients to enhance their core competencies as well as improving their supply-chain efficiency. We serve a diversified range of industries including oil production, drilling, petrochemical processing, mining, gas treatment, refining, energy, heavy engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more by supporting their procurement supply chains. We leverage our global accessibility and effective supplier relationships to source our clients’ needs, promising a long-term value which makes us highly cost effective.
The key to our timely and efficient delivery is our people. The knowledge and experience of some of the tenured employees enable us to continuously develop and update our approach towards providing customised and innovative supply chain. Our sourcing team holds extensive specialisation in the engineering industry that critically examines the proposed supply before it reaches our end customer, hence ensuring the highest quality service. Clients are always given the highest priority and we ensure complete confidentiality by striking a balance between our clients and suppliers. We believe in creativity which is supported by how our workplaces are structured which is open, adaptable and innovative and above all homely.
Diversified Of Industries

Our vision is to

“Ensuring Customer Satisfaction through quality, delivery and cost Optimisation, to establish Refteck Solutions as a brand in the global market.”
Refteck Solutions aspire to serve its clients with quality supplies of spares and equipment at the most competitive prices coupled with shortest turnarounds. We collaborate with reputed suppliers globally ensuring a pool of genuine products irrespective which part of the world the client belongs to.
As a business, our customers are the leaders in the market, hence, we adhere to customer oriented policies, establishing an efficient supply chain at highly competitive prices. We pledge to timely delivery and we care to take the requirement away from the client to find solutions through global mobility to earn trust and goodwill across the globe for the work we do.

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