Industrial Electronics & Electrical Parts Supplier

Electrical & Electronics Parts Supplier

In the electrical world, the two most important factors are innovation and progress. Refteck Solutions strives to supply the highest quality industrial electrical parts, components, equipment, and products including metres, transformers, motors, cabinets, LEDs, cables, switches, PCB boards, resistors, welding, and any other industrial electrical equipment that is required.

We provide excellent engineered solutions that aid in the avoidance of unplanned stops, enabling improved productivity in our clients’ operations. Our industrial electrical supply is backed up by excellent services, allowing us to be a reliable supplier for our customers.

Industrial Electrical and Electronic Accessories Supplier

We supply all industrial electrical and electronics components, equipment, parts, accessories, devices, and tools. Contact us for the below industrial electrical supplies!

• Electrical Meters
• Transformers
• Motors
• Enclosures
• LEDs
• Cables
• Switches
• PCB Boards
• Resistors
• Panel Boards
• Solder

Other Industrial Electrical and Electronic Equipment

• Circuit Breakers
• Magnetic Starters
• Electric Generator
• Batteries
• Contactors
• Relays
• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
• Electrical Conduit Fittings

    Why Choose Refteck Solutions?

    At Refteck we supply electrical equipment that provides our customers with Efficiency, Safety, Cost-Effective, and Robustness. Our industrial electronic devices and components exceed our client’s expectations. This is possible because we have engineering specialists on standby to provide energy management solutions that cut costs, increase efficiency, and boost production.

    We supply you with the industrial electrical equipment you want when you need it, thanks to our more than 15+ years of expertise in the industry. Our clients appreciate us because we transform reactive costs into solutions that help their businesses function smoothly.

    “Efficiency, Safety, Cost-Effective and Robustness

    How do we obtain it? It’s as easy as listening to your requirements. We consult with you to determine the best method for locating the best industrial electrical equipment suppliers for you.

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