Expertise in Outsource Procurement

outsource procurement

Are you spending too much time on Procurement? Do you need to get the best prices from your suppliers? Do you worry about fraud and errors in your procurement process? If so, consider outsourcing and let our experts help you! Outsourcing procurement can free up your time and resources so you can focus on what matters most. Interested in learning more about outsourcing procurement? Let’s get started!

Tail Spend Management Expertise

Tail Spend management

Are you looking for ways to save money and improve your procurement strategy? If so , tail spend management is definitely something you should consider. Tail spend is the money that your organisation spends on low-value, high-volume purchases. It typically makes up 80% of your transactions but only 20% of your total spend. That means even a small percentage of savings on tail spend can greatly impact your bottom line. For example, if you can reduce your tail spend by just 10%, you could save millions of dollars per year. Yes, you read that correctly! Continue reading to learn in-depth!

Indirect Procurement Specialists

Indirect procurement

We at Refteck are dedicated to helping your company achieve procurement excellence through our unique indirect procurement solutions. We provide specialised solutions that unleash the actual potential of your organisation since we have a thorough awareness of the evolving business environment. Our entire scope of services allows you to save expenses, improve operational effectiveness, and forge enduring supplier partnerships. Learn how Refteck may be your strategic partner as you travel the path to successful procurement.

Invoice and Supplied Base Reduction

Invoice and supplier base reduction

Reducing the number of suppliers you work with and the number of invoices you get is known as “invoice and supplier base reduction.” By effectively managing bills and strategically modifying their supplier network, our revolutionary method enables companies of all sizes to streamline processes, reduce expenses, and increase productivity.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s business world, cost reduction and operational efficiency are more crucial than ever. But achieving smart spending involves a crucial change in how we look at things – it’s about moving beyond just the starting price and digging into something called Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).