Welcome to Refteck Warehouse Solutions

Discover Refteck’s warehouse management system, delivering real-time visibility for streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and optimised efficiency. Our solutions are designed to elevate your business with a focus on dependability and innovation.

Different Types of Warehouse Services

Our warehouse services

  • Storage and warehousing: Our flexible warehouses provide adaptable storage choices to handle goods of various sizes and requirements. We can accommodate your storage needs, including rack, specialised, or bulk storage.
  • Inventory tracking: You can keep track of the movement of your stock in real time with the help of our sophisticated tracking tools. The ability to make educated decisions is empowered by this transparency, which also maintains the effectiveness of your supply chain.
  • Order fulfilment: Our order fulfilment procedures are developed to assure precise and timely delivery while reducing lead times. We take pride in constantly meeting our delivery obligations and enhancing your level of customer satisfaction.
  • Value-added services: Besides standard storage, we also provide labelling, repackaging, quality assurance, and kitting. These services are intended to boost your supply chain’s effectiveness and provide value to your business operations.
  • Security and compliance: Strict security protocols and industry standards are followed in our warehouses. You may be confident that your operations are legal and that your items are in good hands.
Reasons to Choose Refteck for Your Warehouse Needs

Why Refteck ?

  • Expertise in the process industry: We are familiar with the complexities and particular needs of the process industry sector. Whether they are raw materials, intermediates, or completed items, our warehouse solutions are made to handle and store various product types.
  • Advanced infrastructure: Our warehouses are outfitted with innovative infrastructure, such as temperature-controlled areas, specialised storage containers, and modern security systems. This guarantees that your items are stored safely and protected from threats.
  • Effective inventory management: We can track and monitor your inventory in real time because of our comprehensive inventory management solutions. This reduces the possibility of stockouts, overstocking, and product obsolescence, improving cost control and resource allocation.
  • Customised solutions: We know that every business has specific needs. Hence, we provide custom warehousing solutions that support your company’s objectives, and our staff collaborates closely with you to understand your unique demands.
  • Technology integration: Our warehousing solutions are built around embracing technological improvements. We use automation, the IoT (Internet of Things), and data analytics to improve visibility, streamline operations, and enable data-driven decision-making.

Unburden your logistics centre

Refteck is your go-to partner for all your warehousing needs because of our years of experience in this field and successful track record. Our warehouse solutions are designed specifically for the process industry sector, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and your products arrive on time.

Customer Service & Collaboration

Get Excellent Customer Service and Collaboration

Beyond our warehouse construction and technologies, Refteck is dedicated to providing the best possible service. With our clients, we place a high priority on establishing enduring, cooperative relationships.

We also offer:

  • Dedicated support: Our professionals are dedicated to offering ongoing support to guarantee the efficient operation of your warehouse operations. We can help if you have queries, need aid with technical issues, or need to improve your solutions.
  • Continuous improvement: We believe there should be a culture of continuous improvement. As your partner, we continuously assess the performance of our products and search for ways to streamline operations, boost effectiveness, and generate cost savings.
  • Transparency and communication: Effective collaboration is built on the foundation of open communication. We inform you of important data, performance indicators, and warehouse operations changes. This openness ensures you comprehend the value we’re bringing to your company.
Advantages of Working with Refteck

Discover the Refteck Advantage

Working with Refteck may open up a world of opportunities for your company. Our warehouse solutions are founded on our dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. As a well-known partner in specialised technical services, we are thoroughly aware of the difficulties the process industry sector faces. This expertise leads to warehouse solutions that are carefully crafted to take on these difficulties. Refteck is your ideal partner, whether you’re trying to streamline order fulfilment, improve inventory management, or optimise your supply chain. Visit us to learn more about the Refteck Advantage and see how our warehouse solutions can transform your operations.


Procurement & Shipping

Procurement & shipping

Are you looking for streamlined procurement solutions to increase the productivity and competitiveness of your company? There is only one place to go: Refteck! With a wide range of services to streamline your sourcing procedures, we are your one-stop destination for all your procurement needs. Refteck is your go-to partner for successful procurement because of our knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to excellence.



Refteck stands as the esteemed choice within the community for logistics. Our team comprises skilled professionals adept at addressing your diverse shipping needs. By collaborating closely with you, we gain insights into your unique prerequisites, thereby sculpting a solution that aligns with your financial framework and objectives. Our commitment rests in presenting unmatched rates, exceptional customer service, and cost-efficient offerings. With unwavering confidence, we assert our capability to alleviate the weight of shipping and associated risks, ultimately contributing to an enhanced financial standing.

Quality Control

Quality control

Introducing Refteck: Where Quality is Crafted. At Refteck, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to quality control. Our passion for excellence drives us to meticulously craft and deliver products that exceed expectations, every single time. Welcome to a world where quality isn’t just a standard – it’s a way of life.

Spare Parts Procurement

Spare parts procurement

Refteck Solutions offers streamlined and punctual procurement services. Our logistics specialists oversee the complete process, from strategic planning and management to parts acquisition, shipping, customs management, and storage. We manage the entire spare parts supply chain, ensuring you receive the components you need promptly through our optimised logistics strategy.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management

Introducing Refteck, your gateway to supply chain mastery. With a legacy of excellence, Refteck stands at the forefront of precision-driven supply chain management. Our seasoned experts meticulously craft and execute supply chain strategies, ensuring seamless coordination from start to finish. Dive into the world of supply chain perfection, where Refteck’s expertise transforms complexity into efficiency. Welcome to a new era of supply chain management with Refteck.