Meet Our Departments

Within the branches of Refteck, different departments manage our entire procurement operation. Our dedicated teams bring the most efficient solutions to meet our clients’ requisitions.
Human Resource

Human Resource

The human resources department (HRD) is considered as the backbone of our organisation, acting like a bridge between an employer and an employee. It is primarily concerned with management of people within the company as well as ensuring employee welfare and employee retention. The main role of the HRD is to create, manage and implement policies, rules and regulation to develop a professional relationship amongst employees as well as a creating a healthy work environment.

HRD embraces workflow automation, providing a better employee experience whilst improving HR productivity and improved standardisation. Human resource is considered to be the key element in the success or failure of monitoring programmes to meet their objective.


Operations is one of the most vital elements of the procurement business which allows the entire organisation to function efficiently. Within the Operations Team, we work closely with the sourcing team to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met and dealt with both technically as well as commercially.

Our Operations Model:
  • Submission of offers/tenders
  • Client Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • Vendor Management
Client Services

Client Services

The client services department is highly engaged in pursuit of strategic opportunities for a particular business or organisation by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships and identifying the potential clients. The team entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities with our customers.

The team is focussed on the creation of long-term value for an organisation from our clients, markets, and relationships. It may include sales, as well as strategy and marketing. Monitoring and analysing are key drivers of growth. At Refteck, our department is also fixated on how to get our suppliers/partners product or service into the hands of clients or customers, ultimately to increase the value of their business by gaining market share or directly generating revenue.


A business philosophy supply chain management is an essential functional role within any organisation and to achieve this, we work with our customers to provide solutions to problems and overall operating cost savings. We consider the importance of a well-defined, well-engineered supply chain management function.

We work very closely with global manufacturers and distributors, in order to contour their efforts towards our clients’ requirements and achieve the best possible outcome, both in terms of time and value. We do believe in collaborative strategic sourcing at minimum cost, timely delivery and to acquire quality product so that quality output is served to our clients.


The logistics’ team is responsible for providing the material to the clients within the required delivery time, ensuring that the correct material has been supplied timely in the right quantity, in prime condition with a minimised cost. Our team is solely dedicated to managing and controlling the flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of destination, including the handling, warehousing, transportation and packaging of the material. Our main purpose is to achieve customer satisfaction by maintaining and strengthening our relationships between our organisation and our clients.
Our Logistics Operation involves:
  • Planning and following up on orders
  • Material handling and delivery
  • Cost Management
  • Warehousing
  • Maintaining client relationships
Finance & Commercial

Finance & Commercial

The finance and commercial teams work in tandem within Refteck to provide and contribute to our goals, including our finance predictions and revenue management. Our financial and commercial departments are imperative to every other team within Refteck, and are assigned with managing the financial activities in its entirety.
Our financial management consists of:
  • Client invoicing
  • Payables & Receivables
  • Client credit application
  • Client database maintenance
  • Applicable tax certificates
  • Post PO queries and discrepancies
Information & Technology

Information & Technology

The information & technology (IT) department is essential to managing the technical infrastructure at Refteck. The IT department must adapt to a rapidly growing technological advances and hence is responsible for more than just hardware and software. They manage the storage, retrieval, transmission, security and manipulation of data whilst also being responsible for network administration.

Our entire system is securely encrypted on a cloud based technology guarded by SSL, making it accessible from any location and preventing any damage to our system. The IT department aims to create a stable platform, striving to be leaders and partners in innovation and aspiring to make technical advancements in the procurement business, using technology to provide the best suited solutions to our clients.

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