Aviation Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Services from Refteck Solutions

Nov 18, 2022
The maintenance, repair, and overhaul are critical parts of the civil aerospace industry. It indicates the heavy maintenance, repair, and overhaul of civil aircraft parts, including aircraft structure and electronic components. MRO is a necessary activity and is estimated to reach around $61 billion in annual revenue.

The MRO aviation companies have seen peaks in revenue due to the various economic and political ups and downs. Maintenance serves as the sole activity responsible for civil aircraft. The approach for MRO was started in 1980 as the most technical challenge. Even separate aircraft MRO companies were established to increase the revenue from such operations. Aviation Maintenance Professionals

Issues and Challenges

A continuous challenge faced by aircraft maintenance companies is to find the optimum balance between increasing fleet availability and decreasing operating costs. To attain the balance, many industry leaders were designing various challenges to overcome the following challenges:

Competitive Services

What is the ideal combination of aviation maintenance management services that will offer actual levels of "service" to asset owners and operators?

Predictive Maintenance

What would be the necessary ways to identify how to plan and predict the maintenance events to decrease the bottlenecks? The timing of this preventive analytics must be done in a way that maximises asset availability.

Effective Collaboration

it is important to know which partnership will foster and how to deal with the competition currently or in the future. The trust-worthy partnerships with the other OEM and Logistics will not be easier but will help in developing new capabilities and offerings.

Technology Utilisation

How to know which technology should be deployed and how to use them effectively? Technological advancement poses great challenges to the industry and its abilities. To tackle such a situation, we have to find which technological advancements will prove beneficial to the industry as a whole.

Supply Chain Optimisation

How to find the perfect location around the world for the critical components to get a quick reaction time without overspending incredibly important capital investments in duplicate facilities and slow-moving merchandise?

Market Dynamics

• Growth Motivators

• Increasing the World's Defence Budget

• Increase in the Amount of Air Travelers

• Enhancing Investment in Aircraft MRO Software Conversion 

Market Trends

• Expanding business travel

• Acceptance of blockchain technology

• Digitalisation in aviation MRO

Aviation MRO Service

Market Segmentation Analysis

Aircraft Type

The share of the aviation MRO services industries is roughly around 44%. The growth initiatives taken by airlines & armed forces are expected to additionally boost the aviation MRO industry. Furthermore, the new technologies used in the aircraft industry have raised the demand for more MRO companies. The earlier aircraft models do not require the same cost for maintenance as the new models require. 

Aircraft Type

The aircraft with a wider body will represent more than half of the market in 2021. According to the forecast, this market is likely to expand more now to serve the rising demands of aircraft maintenance. The demand for wide-body aircraft MRO requirements has been fulfilled by service providers in the Asia-Pacific area during the past ten years.

Aircraft Generation

60% of the aviation MRO market represents the mid-generation segment. Newly developed aircraft, which are more fuel-efficient and run-on renewable fuel, is the sector with the fastest rising market share. Major contributors in this market are working together with OEMs to offer the best services for next-gen aircraft and its maintenance.

End User

70% of the MRO aircraft industry share represents the end user, the commercial part is expected to hold a majority share of 71%, while the military segment produced at the wildest rate due to the growth of AI and analytics, which has permitted MRO companies to move from centrally measured maintenance screening processes to steady normative maintenance. The difficulty of engine mechanisms and the rising occurrence of fighter aircraft disasters instigated by engine disappointments have triggered the world's armed services to place superior stress on regular maintenance and inspections.


Refteck solutions offer aircraft maintenance services to its customers who require maintenance, modifications, or paint. Our affiliated partners have factory-trained aviation maintenance professionals that help in all the maintenance for Bell AW169, 212, and 412. We support helicopter repairs and safeguard you from possible risk factors. We collaborate closely with famous after-market vendors and OEMs to refit and upgrade equipment to satisfy mission-specific projects based on your preferences and unique needs.

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