Products and Services for The Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industries

Nov 28, 2022
Refining is actually a complicated process in which crude oil is transformed into a variety of petrochemical products, including heating homes and fuelling vehicles. How many times refining of crude oil should be done depends upon the type of end product you need. 

We have an advantage when refining crude oil because of our understanding of downstream oil refining and petrochemicals. Our expertise in petrochemicals includes everything from utility and storage systems to olefin, polyolefin, and aromatics facilities. We provide you with a one-stop shop for multidisciplinary engineering and design services as well as all-inclusive project management services starting with preliminary research. Oil and Gas Consulting

Throughout the entire project and plant lifespan, safety is our top focus. We provide engineering and project execution services and specialised technical consulting options, including help with permits and issues related to health, safety, and the environment (HSE). Our offerings include:


A contemporary oil refinery must constantly run for decades and can handle several thousand barrels of petroleum products per day. The separation of the hydrocarbon molecules into gasoline, lubrication, or feedstock for other petrochemical processes is made feasible by using cutting-edge automation and electrical systems that run hundreds of different plant components.

Refteck Solutions is the industry leader in supplying the power, control, and safety systems that enable all of this and the top specialists to run and optimise the process. Refteck Solutions has more than 30 years of expertise in this area. Our research demonstrates that working with ABB reduces an engineer's capital expenses by 20% and its operational costs by up to 9%, with the goal of making the refinery as secure, energy-efficient, and dependable as possible.


Despite the fact that the petrochemicals sector has a wide range of products and manufacturing methods, the objectives of a safe operation, maximisation of profitability, and efficiency are actually intertwined. The finest technology should be used in the best way, and this is what Refteck Solutions strive to do.

We serve the industry with solutions ranging from field devices to completely integrated security and control systems (ICSS), electrical, and telecom systems, whether it be cutting-edge process control, cutting-edge instrumentation, or consultancy and lifecycle support.

Environmental Sustainability

While providing engineering solutions, we aim to fulfil sustainability objectives at all stages of operations.

A rising concern for the process sector is the number of environmental rules and the aspirations for sustainability. Refteck Solutions provides a wide range of oil and gas safety supplies services to help you adhere to these standards.

Our goal is to optimise your procedures and other business activities to reduce your CO2 footprint and combat climate change. With the help of subject matter specialists from environmental advising and our in-depth expertise in oil refinery equipment, we can optimise business operations by taking into consideration all operational stages and components.

We use a combined approach that covers the sustainability of your engineering projects with a wide service that includes

• Pollution control and prevention

• Climate change management and mitigation

• Circular economy transition

• Ecosystem and biodiversity restoration

Our services combine a variety of different disciplines and areas of our competence. Our continually growing environmental petrochemical services are built on our extensive expertise in environmental impact assessments, permits, ecological due diligence, nature inventory and preservation, ecology, health and safety (EHS) inspections, and polluted soil treatment. Oil Refinery Equipment

Operational Services

Your facility or business will benefit from our in-depth knowledge and tried-and-true methods, from routine maintenance to proven quality management assistance, to help reduce your execution gap. Our company-wide access to all of our oil and gas services is made possible by the help of international technology specialists for our local professionals.

We are able to provide genuine value to our client's projects by combining our specialised petrochemical engineering knowledge in process technology with our interdisciplinary technical competence. We provide comprehensive engineering and consulting services across a number of disciplines that span all stages of the lifetime of an industrial plant, from strategic studies and analysis through EPCM project execution and ongoing operational support. All engineering disciplines operate in unison by utilising the same tools, procedures, and platforms.

Our key competencies:

• Engineering services

• Environmental services

• Operational improvement

• Digitalisation, Smart site services

• Studies, project development

• Health & Safety services

• Efficiency improvement

Technical Consulting

There is a chance that the specialists that you have to handle a project may be too general that cannot give the right opinion on the specific skills, knowledge, and the latest technology. But the specialists we have at Refteck solutions provide you with the technical oil and gas consulting that you need to overcome your daily obstacles.

The technical petrochemical engineering consultant collects the rights information from the respective disciples, including process technology and other core sectors. The services include, for instance, professional opinion assistance, expert advice, proper research, vulnerability assessments, efficiency studies, estimates of the CO2 and water footprints, and management consulting for safety procedures.

By taking into account productivity, excellence, the environmental, security, and financial environment, technological consulting services aim to increase competition and process quality.

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