Women in Supply Chain

Oct 10, 2022
The male-dominated pattern followed by the supply chain management industry is now being challenged. According to the survey conducted over the period of 5 years, the participation of women in the supply chain industries has increased to 41%, which was earlier around 35%.

This is because the supply industry needs more agility and flexibility in between the unexpected pressure of today's complex business environment. When women start to participate in the supply chain industry, the business will be able to make better decisions for formulating new technologies that will help streamline operations. Women in Supply Chain Management

The Existing Role of Women in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Women are somewhere taking an active part in the supply chain industry as first-line supervisor managers and senior-level positions. Nearly 50% of medium-sized and big businesses do not have any goals for increasing the proportion of female leaders in their supply chain. However, 38% of the largest international organisations have included official objectives that appear on management scorecards, and 83% of them have a declared purpose of raising the presence of women in leadership.

Women from marginalised races and ethnicities are better represented in global logistics and transport management organisations because of improved pipelines. In comparison to medium or big firms, they are also noticeably more likely to have these women in director positions.

Reason for The Lack of a Female Workforce in The Supply Chain Industry

No, this doesn't mean that there are no women in supply chain management services. There has been an increasing slope of women joining the supply chain sector. Although the rising graph, the females are still less in comparison to men in the gender-based graph. The organisation wants to see more women in the logistics industry, but why do women not seem interested in this sector?

First, it's possible that this is the result of most businesses not recruiting women for these roles. Second, there might not be enough female talent currently accessible in the supply business. It's possible that women are disinterested in this specific job path and would like to follow other avenues in life.

It's critical to comprehend the root causes of them and the most effective approaches to dispel these prejudices. We must devise strategies to entice women to look for work in the logistics sector.

Why Are Women Adaptable to More Procurement Roles?

Women have certain inherent capabilities that are essential for the roles in procuring the right amount of goods. For decades, procurement has been considered a function that isn't connected to the main business. This was an ignored task, and procurement officers were just hired because it was a compliance that had to be fulfilled by supply chain industries. Although with changing times, it is now seen as an important part of the business to determine the amount of raw materials procurement.

The emotional Quotient (EQ) and empathy attitude women have in them results in building more stronger relationships with other businesses. Hence, the presence of women in procurement in supply chain management will always prove to be a wiser decision.

Females have more bargaining power and better communication and partnering skills, which would help them in gaining the right procurement from the right vendor. Hiring female procurement officers in senior management roles will work as a networking acumen for the business to move forward. Women in Supply Chain

Steps for Females to Succeed in The Supply Chain Management Process

It is mandatory to focus on the right areas to find the right female talent in the supply chain industry. Only a leadership mindset will be able to build a relevant path to success for females.

Organisations need to identify capable and high-performing women that can help in the working of the business. Furthermore, personalised feedback is required. With that strategy, women are empowered and encouraged to take on jobs with greater responsibility.

A great method to create an aspirational career path and assist women in finding their place in the logistics business is to seek out and use leadership possibilities.

Is There Any Way to Grab Women's Attention in The Supply Chain Industry Jobs?

Women tend to follow their interests and passion in their business lives as well. If such creative ideas can be generated in the supply chain industries, women would be attracted to the jobs in the supply chain.

Introducing original ideas is the greatest way to attract female talent. Labs, workshops, mentoring programs, and educational courses are a few examples. This innovative strategy will allow us to diversify the skill pool for the supply chain.

What is the Future of Women in Supply Chain Industries?

The supply chain industry wants gender diversity to gain a key advantage in boosting collaboration and efficiency. The bigger organisations are taking innovative steps to reduce the gender gap in the organisation for the betterment of their own organisation. Special wings are being established to cater to the needs of the female workforce. It makes it possible to participate in programs that offer specialised training, mentorship, and experience sharing. It indicates the foundation for a growing number of women to pursue procurement as a career.

Future supply chain solutions seem to have more women. Finding smart individuals, training them, and integrating them into the business are the objectives. Women currently occupy more technology chief positions in the logistics management sector. The greatest approach for women to take advantage of business possibilities is through supply chain diversity.

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